Computer Repair Services

We provide full onsite and offsite computer repair services and maintenance coverage to Albany, and beyond. Our services are available to residential, business, educational, and governmental clients.

Diagnostics & Repair Flow

When you work with Will Power PCs you can expect the following flow of service:

  • Certified expert Technician sent to site.
  • Identification of root cause through logical troubleshooting methodology.
  • Elimination of the problem at the source to avoid reoccurrences.
  • Our Tech will document as well as convey a description of the root problem and the necessary computer maintenance needed to correct the issue and then let you know so you can make an informed decision if you want to proceed with the repair!

Computer Repair & Other Support Services Offered

Tech Support

We offer unlimited tech support all through the year for a low annual fee. This also covers help with setup, installation of hardware and software as well as optimizing security settings for your computer.

So go ahead and call us today at 518-892-4419 to get the most out of your computer.


Computer Repair Services Client Review

“Will Power PCs has always been prompt in their response and efficient in their diagnosis and service. Overall a pleasant experience getting a not so pleasant PC repaired!” – Amy G. (5/5 rating)

“Friendly staff, and excellent customer service are what make Will Power PCs one of the best computer repair services I’ve used. They are fast and affordable. I will definitely recommend to everyone.” – John K. (5/5 rating)